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How to remove the residual glue of transparent tape and sealing tape?

by:Kint      2020-01-23
How to remove the glue marks left by the transparent tape? Alcohol: First of all, when using this method, the place to be wiped must be determined in advance, and the color will not fade. After sticking alcohol on the cloth, gently wipe it back and forth many times until it is wiped off. It is recommended to pay attention to safety when using alcohol. Nail Polish Remover: no matter how long the 'history' is and how large the area is, drop some nail polish remover for girls to clean nail polish, soak for a while, then wipe with paper towel to ensure the surface of the article is as bright and clean as new. But there is a problem, because the nail polish is very corrosive, it can not be used on the surface of the corrosion. Such as patent leather furniture, notebook computer case, etc. Therefore, although the nail polish remover removes the traces of the tape, it is necessary to pay attention to protecting the items with traces from corrosion. Eraser: eraser is also very effective in removing traces of transparent glue, but it is only suitable for a small range of traces and needs to be slowly rubbed and repeated many times. Because the eraser can wipe off the colored places, it should be used slowly in the colored positions. Wet Towel: it is difficult to remove offset printing for a long time. We can wet the offset with a wet towel and then slowly wipe it, but this method is limited to places that are not afraid of sticking and entering the water. Turpentine: that is, the pen wash used in painting. We can use paper towel to stick some washing liquid and wipe it where there are glue marks, which can be removed after a while. Hair dryer: the maximum heat of the hair dryer is blown against the traces of the tape for a while, let it slowly soften, and then wipe it off with a hard eraser or a soft rag. According to different situations, the residual glue of the transparent adhesive tape has the following different treatment methods: 1. For the self-adhesive marks on the surface of the hard object, we can apply the grease-free nail polish on the surface of the object, then gently wipe with a soft cloth; Industrial alcohol or gasoline can also remove these marks. 2. If these stickers get on the skin, you can also use lemon juice to remove them. 3, in addition, hand cream can also achieve the effect of removing stickers, hand cream contains a lot of water (Generally above 70%)The water contains a certain amount of surfactant. Surfactant has good wetting, infiltration and dissolving abilities, and can quickly penetrate between adhesive and object surface, thus achieving the purpose of removal. Some similar products, such as face cream, facial cleanser and detergent, have the same effect. 4. For the stubborn stickers on the carpet, the best way is to carefully trim the stickers on the top of the carpet fluff. Jia Feixiang Adhesive Products Co. , Ltd (0411-39911323) , The Northeast region really does not residue adhesive tape master roll manufacturer (Hot Melt Adhesive tape)! Mainly produces all kinds of tape master, semi-finished tape, foam tape master, masking tape master, cloth tape, paper-based tape. With dozens of patented formulas, it fills the gap in such products in China!
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