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How to make PVC pipe tape rose?

by:Kint      2020-02-22
How to make PVC pipe tape'> PVC pipe tape rose: collect your materials. You need tape and ruler to make rose petals. You also need a craft stick or a straw, which can be made dry no matter what you like. Using craft sticks will create stronger rods, but choose the items you have at hand. If you like to cut your tape instead of tearing it, you also need some scissors. Tear 2 x 2 inch (5 x 5 cm)Square tape. It is not necessarily inaccurate, but it should be about the size mentioned. However, if you want all petals to be the same size, please use a ruler to measure 2 inch (5 cm)The width and height. Then, tear or cut off this piece. Fold the right corner down to the lower left corner. However, don't extend it all the way to the opposite corner. Leave a sticky bottom of about 1 inch so that the borders form each side. Similarly, it is not necessarily an accurate measurement. The approximation is very good. Fold the left corner down and flush it with the other corner. Align the upper left corner with the upper right corner so that they are flush with each other. No sticky bottom surface should be displayed. As before, the approximation is very good. It doesn't matter if the corners are not arranged. This work is the foundation of petals. Make 7 petals and make a simple little rose. If you want a bigger Rose, make another 14. Wrap petals around straw or craft sticks. Turn the petals so that the tip of the petals stretches out when wrapped around the stick. If necessary, turn it by an angle so that it faces an angle. If you continue this way, it will create a rose opening appearance. Continue to stack the petals together. Repeat Step 1- 4. Wrap the petals on the rod in the same direction as before. After wrapping all the petals, you will find that they have formed a rose. Bend the petals and let them fall off as much as possible. Summary: tear enough tape to cover the rest of the craft stick. 7/To 8 inch (17. 78 cm-Natural 20. 32 cm)It should be enough. Then, place the upper left corner of the tape on the bottom of the rose and begin to wrap it diagonally on the craft stick. Wrap it around the rod until the rest of the straw or craft Rod is covered with pipe tape. In order to strengthen the rose, tear off 1 inch (2. 54 cm) The pipe tape is wrapped vertically at the bottom of the rose and the top of the stick.
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