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How to judge the stand or fall of electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-04-15
For PVC electrical insulating tape, electrical tape full name again someone called electrical insulation tape or insulating tape. Electrical tape is suitable for all kinds of insulation resistance parts. General electrical insulating tape has 3 kinds, one kind is black insulation tape, the second is electric flame retardant PVC tape, high pressure, for a third since the adhesive tape, three have different functions. The choose and buy the electrical insulating tape, how to judge the stand or fall of electrical insulating tape? Electrician tape has what kinds of how to judge the stand or fall of electrical insulating tape electrical tape classification of electrical insulation tape is divided into three kinds: one kind is black insulation tape, as long as the insulation function, but not flame retardant is not waterproof, now has been gradually screened, as long as there is in some civil construction electrical people in use. The second is electric flame retardant PVC tape, it has a waterproof insulation, flame retardant, and three kinds of function, but because it is PVC material, so the poor ductility, cannot joint package is very strict, water proofing property is not very ambitious, but now it has been widely used. The third is a high pressure since the adhesive tape, general use on the level of high voltage, due to its good ductility, is more excellent than the second on the waterproof, so people also apply it in the field of low pressure, but because of its strength than PVC flame retardant tapes, usually the two cooperation with electrical tape quality distinguish from outside is defective, tape whether rewinding and submissive, whether did cutting burrs, smooth the tape raw materials ( There are all kinds of electrical insulating tape, not introduce raw material quality evaluation one by one, in most cases, depending on the application situation) In the glue, glue now most now to the evolution of environmental protection, taste is very important, if very blunt nose, it is the possibility of more defective items ( Not all the tape) , is in with tape down there is no back stick, did off residue after use, if the glue on the product, this is defective tape killed some considerations for PVC materials basically the same, basically be to see glue, poor quality of the adhesive bandage after a period of time, to solve, you can see glue and PVC material separation, looks sticky sticky, very not happy, and good quality tape will not appear this kind of problem.
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