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How to judge the quality of electrical insulation tape?

by:Kint      2020-02-17
The full name of electrical tape is PVC electrical insulation tape, which is also called electrical insulation tape or insulation tape. Electrical tape is suitable for insulation of various resistive parts. There are three kinds of general electrical insulation tape, one is insulating black tape, the second is pvc electrical insulation tape, the third is high-voltage self-adhesive tape, and the three have their own functions. How to judge the quality of electrical insulation tape when purchasing electrical insulation tape? The insulating black tape only has the insulation function, but it is not flame retardant or waterproof. It has been gradually eliminated, and only in some civil buildings, there are still people using it. Pvc electrical insulation tape has three functions of insulation, flame retardant and waterproof, but because it is made of pvc material, it has poor ductility, cannot wrap the joint tightly, and its waterproof property is not ideal, but it is now widely used. High-voltage self-adhesive tape is generally used in higher-grade voltage. Due to its good ductility, it is better than the second in waterproof, so people also apply it in the field of low voltage, however, because its strength is not as good as pvc electrical flame retardant tape, these two are usually used together. How to distinguish? 1. First look at the appearance to see if there is a flaw, whether the tape is rewound, whether there is burrs, whether it is smooth to see the tape material ( There are many kinds of electrical insulation glue, so we will not judge the quality of the materials one by one. In most cases, we have to look at the usage). 2, look at the glue, now most of the glue has evolved to environmental protection, the taste is very important, if it is very pungent, the possibility of defective products is relatively large (Not all Tapes) When the tape is pulled down, there is no anti-sticking. After use, there is no residual glue after tearing. If the residual glue is on the product, this is the fatal point of the defective tape. Note: PVC materials are basically the same, mainly depending on the glue. After a period of time after the tape with poor quality is bound, it can be seen that the glue and PVC materials are separated and look sticky, very uncomfortable, and good quality tape will not have this kind of problem. Guangzhou ruidetai Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd. was established in 2006 and is the largest PVC tape production base in Guangzhou. The company's main products are PVC electrical tape, PVC electrical insulation tape, PVC cold-resistant electrical tape, PVC extremely sticky electrical tape, PVC flame retardant electrical tape, PVC packaging tape, car harness tape, warning tape, pipe tape, high-pressure self-adhesive tape, waterproof tape, audio shoe material protective film, easy to tear (Knife-free)Tape, PVC protective tape, etc. The company adhering to' Resolutely improve user satisfaction and win the continuous trust of customers' Of management concept in production process in'Strong adhesion is the last word' For the technical concept, strict implementation of ISO9001 international quality standard system, high-quality products and services have won strong recognition and trust from customers.
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