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How to improve the service life of pvc pipeline tape anticorrosive coating

by:Kint      2020-02-16
The service life of pvc pipeline tape anticorrosive coating is of great significance to scraper anticorrosion, so it is very important to learn how to improve the service life of anticorrosive coating. The following is a brief introduction to ways to improve the service life of anticorrosive coatings. First, when choosing pvc pipe tape, we must choose the products of regular manufacturers, and choose the appropriate pvc pipe tape according to the nature of the pipe conveying materials and the pipe specifications. Two, in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction pipeline derusting, timely repair of various defects on the pipeline, only after meeting the construction requirements can start painting primer. Three, improve the construction level of pvc pipe tape, ensure the pipe primer coating evenly, tape winding without bubbles, wrinkles and other defects. Four, pipe tape manufacturers remind everyone, tape construction is completed, but also to carry out electric spark inspection, check whether the construction quality is qualified. Five, in the process of pipeline operation, should regularly check the tape anticorrosive coating, found problems in a timely manner. Pvc pipe tape is widely used in oil and gas steel pipelines and has a long history. After continuous improvement and improvement, the variety and quality of pvc pipe tape meet the requirements of users to a greater extent. Guangzhou ruidetai Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd. tells you that pvc pipe tape has good corrosion resistance and convenient construction in the fields of gas, natural gas, oil field, chemical industry, construction industry, mining industry, tap water industry, etc, therefore, it plays a very important role in the pipeline anticorrosion material system.
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