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How to distinguish the quality of Insulating Electrical tape?

by:Kint      2020-02-20
The full name of the electrical tape is PVC electrical insulation tape. The electrical insulation tape is also divided into three types: the first type of insulation black tape, the second type of PVC electrical insulation tape, and the third type of high-voltage self-adhesive tape. The insulating black tape only has the insulating function, but it is not flame retardant or waterproof. It has been gradually eliminated and will only be used in some civil electrical appliances. PVC electrical insulation tape has good insulation, heat resistance, voltage resistance, cold resistance and other characteristics, and is suitable for insulation fixing of various motors and electronic parts such as wire winding, transformer, motor, capacitor, voltage stabilizer and so on. There are red, yellow, blue, white, green, black, transparent and other colors. High-voltage self-adhesive tape is generally used in higher-grade voltage. Due to its good ductility, it is better than the second in waterproof, so people also apply it in the field of low voltage, however, because its strength is not as good as Guangzhou PVC electrical insulation tape, these two are usually used together. How to distinguish the quality of Insulating Electrical tape? First: see if the appearance of the tape is rewinding, whether there is burrs in the cutting, and whether it is smooth. Second: see if there is anti-sticking and residual glue when the tape is opened. Third: ask the smell now most of the glue has evolved to environmental protection, the taste is very heavy or very pungent is the possibility of defective fourth: the thickness of the tape is 1. 5 The Worst 1. More than 1 is the content shared by Rui detai, a PVC electrical insulation tape factory, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
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