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How to choose PVC electrical tape?

by:Kint      2020-02-19
PVC electrical tape is divided into three types: one is insulating black tape, which has only insulating function, but is not flame retardant or waterproof. It has been gradually eliminated, only in some civil buildings, there are still people using it. The second is pvc electrical flame retardant tape, which has three functions of insulation, flame retardant and waterproof. However, because it is made of pvc material, it has poor ductility and cannot wrap the joint tightly, waterproof is not ideal, but it is now widely used. The third is high-voltage self-adhesive tape, which is generally used at higher grade voltages. Due to its good ductility, it is better than the second in waterproof, therefore, people also apply it in the field of low pressure, but because its strength is not as good as pvc electrical flame retardant adhesive tape, these two are usually used together. Judging whether the adhesive tape is good or bad, first of all, starting from seeing the adhesive tape, whether there are defects from the appearance, whether the adhesive tape is rewound, whether there are burrs in the slitting, and whether it is smooth; Look at the tape material ( There are many kinds of PVC electrical glue, so we will not judge the quality of the materials one by one. In most cases, we have to look at the usage); Looking at the glue, now most of the glue has evolved to environmental protection, the taste is very important, if it is very pungent, it is more likely to be a defective product (Not all Tapes) When the tape is pulled down, there is no anti-sticking. After use, there is no residual glue after tearing. If the residual glue is on the product, this is the fatal point of the defective tape.
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