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How to choose a good PVC electrical tape?

by:Kint      2020-02-16
Ruide Tailai teaches you to choose a good adhesive tape: PVC electrical adhesive tape is used for wire wrapping and wire insulation, which involves electricity safety. Therefore, a roll of good insulating adhesive tape is selected, it is a problem that every electrician has to face. There are many PVC electrical tapes on the market, which have outstanding wear resistance, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance and environmental change resistance (Including ultraviolet rays). PVC tape has high dielectric strength, good shape and good mechanical maintenance with less dosage. Application: main insulation for binding wires and cables suitable for indoor or outdoor main insulation for all wires and cable joints below 600V for repairing high-voltage cable joints sheath for electrical insulation below 600 V. Wires and Cables are colored. First of all, starting from the appearance of this roll of adhesive tape, a roll of good PVC electrical adhesive tape should have uniform color, flat section, no convex roll and no glue overflow, because if there is glue overflow, it is proved that the glue of this adhesive tape is now aging. The thread ends surrounded by this kind of adhesive tape will not loosen itself for long, resulting in serious consequences of electric leakage. Then, you can open the tape and feel the peeling strength of the tape and the stickiness of the rubber surface. Generally speaking, the peeling strength of the tape is moderate. If it is too light, it is not good to surround the wire, if it is too heavy, it is difficult for workers to spread out and simply pull the tape out. The viscosity of the rubber surface is stronger, but it is not as sticky as possible. As far as the characteristics of the rubber are concerned, the rough surface of the rubber surface proves that the glue is very bad, and the glue is very simple. At the back, stretch the tape to double and look at the anti-white condition of the tape. If the color of the tape does not change, it may only change a little, it is proved that the base material of this adhesive tape has not been added or only a little filler is added. If the color of the adhesive tape becomes very white, it is proved that this manufacturer has added many fillers to the PVC base material in order to reduce the cost, the insulation function of the adhesive tape is reduced.
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