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How many types of tape are there?

by:Kint      2020-01-31
Tape is very popular and supported by consumers in our life, but do you know how many types of tape we have? The following is a brief introduction from Guangzhou ruidetai Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd. To popularize the types of adhesive tapes! 1. According to the substrate: can be divided into cloth tape, masking tape, Kraft paper tape, fiber tape, PVC electrical insulation tape and PE foam tape. 2. According to the scope of application, it can be divided into warning tape, protective film paper tape, winding film tape, carpet tape, electrical tape, PVC packaging tape and module tape. 3. According to the market penetration rate, it can be divided into ordinary tape and special tape. 4. According to the application environment temperature, it can be divided into low temperature adhesive tape, normal temperature adhesive tape and high temperature adhesive tape. 5. According to the adhesion, it can also be divided into single-sided tape and double-sided tape.
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