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How Do You Know about Bopp Tape?

How Do You Know about Bopp Tape?


There are various purposes for which we use tapes. We use it mostly for packing and electrical purposes. Those that are used for packing are the tapes that are different from the ones that are used for electrical purpose. Thus, different companies that are manufacturing these tapes. If it is of good quality you will never mind paying extra money for it. You can buy the bopp tape and you will be completely satisfied with it when you use it for packing purpose.

Don't Compromise on Quality and Read Specifications

Try to look at possible options before you place order for the one that you wish to buy. Never compromise on quality of tape at any cost. All the specifications of the tap are mentioned on the site. So, you need to read the details so that you do no end up buying a wrong tape. If you are willing to buy tape for the purpose of packing stuff or gift item bopp tape is the best choice.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene is full form of BOPP. Because of its amazing properties and features it is considered as the best tape and is thus widely used by many people. It can be easily stretched and it is considered as high tensile. This makes it an ideal choice for labeling and packing. The best part is that the surface is easy to coat and print.

All the details of the tape like roll length, roll width, roll size, paper core diameter, and colors are clearly mentioned near the tape. Based on the one that you wish to buy you can place order. The ordered tape will be sent at the address furnished by you at the time of placing order. You also need to go through the technical specifications as well. By reading it you will be able to gather more information about the particular tape. These technical instructions include product code, thickness, tensile strength, elongation, adhesion to steel, initial tack, and hold tack.


Variety Available in This Tape

In bopp tape you will get to see two types the first one is printing carbon tape and the second one is clear/transparent tape. Both these tapes are good and durable both. It is made of acrylic water based adhesive. It is mostly used for wrapping, carton sealing, and stationery purpose. Some companies also do custom printing if you provide proper instruction to them. So, those who are willing to get customer logo printed can avail this facility.

Apart from transparent there are many colors in which it is available like yellow, green, blue, red, black, and brown. To make your packing look at attractive you can always make use of contract color tape. If your packing is red you can either use black or yellow tape which will surely make it appealing. You can also use two different tapes of different color to make it more attractive.

If you are running stationery or a gift shop you need bopp tape. There will be many customers who would buy from you and if the quality is good your sales will surely increase. Moreover, it is a must for any gift shop as after wrapping the gift tape is required to complete the overall packing. So, whenever you are placing order you need to read all the payment details. It is entirely upon you as a customer to either buy from online or from shop. No matter from where you buy the quality should be good.


Suitable For any Temperature

The bopp tapeis suitable for high as well as low temperature ranges. The adhesive helps to seal any item faster and quickly. This tape is also wrinkle free and shrink proof. It is recyclable and is non-toxic. Apart from being moisture resistant it is UV and heat resistant.

You can always place order from Beijing Knit Yongji Technology Co, Ltd as it is a trusted company when it comes to pv tapes. Lots of orders are placed from their site and this shows it offers tapes of excellent quality. All the information is provided on the site so you can go through it and place your order today without further delay. 

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