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How can PVC electrical insulation tape be easily removed?

by:Kint      2020-01-08
A lot of tape will be used in the days, and after a long time, tear it off and leave a stubborn tape print. No matter how long the tape is printed and how large the area is, drop some nail polish remover for girls to clean nail polish, soak for a moment, and then scrub with a paper towel to ensure that the appearance of the item is as clean as new. However, there is a problem. Because the nail polish is very corrosive, it cannot be used on the surface of items that are afraid of corrosion, such as painted furniture, notebook computer cases, etc. Therefore, although the nail polish remover removes the traces of PVC electrical insulation tape, it must be careful to protect the items with traces from corrosion. Scope of Application: offset printing has the appearance of articles with long time, large area, difficult cleaning and not easy corrosion. The hair dryer heats the offset printing hair dryer to the maximum heat, blows at the traces of the tape for a moment, makes it softer, and then wipes it off with a hard eraser or a soft rag. Scope of Application: it is suitable for articles with small marks of adhesive tape and long offset printing, but the articles should have satisfactory heat resistance. Guangzhou PVC electrical insulation tape medical alcohol soaking offset printing drops some medical alcohol on the surface of the trace, soaking for a moment, then wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towel. Of course, it is necessary for items with traces of adhesive tape not to be corroded by alcohol. Similarly, if you have expired perfume or astringent lotion, it can also be used to replace alcohol, because there are certain alcohol ingredients ( SEE: What is the use of expired or not applicable skin care products and cosmetics) And these two can be applied to any item, the alcohol content inside is not too much. Scope of Application: appearance of articles that are not easily corroded. Eraser erases offset printing. This method is often used in school when I was a child. It is scrubbed with an eraser. The rubber debris can just stick the traces of the adhesive. Scope of Application: it is used for small areas and is a new trace, the traces of large areas of tape are in vain. PVC electrical insulation tape manufacturers computer cleaner erase offset printing the cleaner used to scrub camera lenses and computer screens can also be used to erase tape marks. Scope of Application: tape printing on the appearance of lubricated articles is very useful. The time-saving and labor-saving 'glue remover' is also called 'self-adhesive remover'. It is sold in some auto parts shops, and the spray marks can be wiped off quickly. Scope of Application: Large-Area offset printing that is difficult to remove, but if you don't often encounter the problem of tape marks, there is no need to buy a bottle specially, and you can use a small and good method.
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