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How about Kint heat resistant tape customer satisfaction?
Kint heat resistant tape gains strong customer satisfaction and loyalty, which differentiate us in the marketplace. We work with our loyal customers to create value. While brand building is more difficult today than ever, starting with satisfied customers has given Kint a good start on strengthening our brand in the market.

Over the years of development, Beijing Kint Yongji Technology Co., Ltd has been flourishing in the industry. We have become an expert in the manufacturing of stretch film wrap. packing tape series manufactured by Kint Yongjiinclude multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. Kint polyimide tape is developed by adopting the most advanced integrated circuits technology. The R&D team makes the transistor, resistor, capacitor, and other components gather together to achieve a compact design. This product has a strong tensile strength rating. The product features ease of use. The screen of the monitor adopts touch-based technology, providing the simplest way to operate. Featuring permanent elasticity, this product will never go out of shape.

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