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For colored tape to the difference between good or bad, electrical insulation tape, PVC electrical tape - Jin Hong packaging materials

by:Kint      2020-04-17
For colored tape is marking or shelter in order to facilitate use, beige and yellow more commonly. Colored tape a lot of people are believed to be the color of the film, in fact, the color is the color of the glue. Stick to clench and then quickly pulled open, can be on one side of the glue to pull out, you can see the purity of the original film and transparency. The most important thing is to see the thickness of the glue. If there is no glue is opened or dot, this glue is a have a lot of impurities, glue no cohesion. Second, too much water, has been volatile, viscous fluid at the beginning of this tape has fallen so much that feel is able to distinguish. Will be covered with yellow tape on the object, to cover more good glue more thick, the better the quality. Tape under the comparison of appearance, less glue, doping tape the deep color, high light transmittance tape after pulling open. After the color of the tape rolls and open a color difference is not big, because good strong shelter of packing tape, color overlay do not exist. Doping inferior adhesive tape to besmear impurities on BOPP film, only the relatively backward way of glue directly, so often there will be a big impurity particles not to be dissolved in card knife, adhesive tape in use so often have line ( A road without glue) 。 Tape with the method of soft cut transfer glue, there is no line ( Printing tape printing ink leakage on occasions related to printing press) 。 Another surface of distinguish method is watching tape, adhesive tape first after article points into finished products have bubbles, place a week after the bubble will be dispersed, basic pure tincture fat glue tape smooth surface, no white dots. Impurities mixed with adhesive tape has many irregular distribution of white point, pressure is not dispersed with the hand, and bubble is not the same. Above all, everyone should be on tape has been basically can judge of tape from the appearance, then the most important condition for a bad tape just don't feel alone feeling viscosity, because at the beginning of doping tape in the absence of volatile viscous force is very high, so use tape paste objects, then quickly pull the retention repeatedly paste to hand over a few times, you obviously feel came down. Doping is generally going to tape to glue formula with gasoline and acid to dissolve, so the smell is very large, large enterprises are formally in toluene solution, in the process of coating has been fan volatile.
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