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Electrical tape manufacturer told you treatment method of the high temperature tape

by:Kint      2020-04-04
Tell you high temperature electrical tape manufacturer tape processing method of high temperature tape appearance and smooth, with good viscosity, resistance to chemical corrosion and high temperature resistance and good insulation function, widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing a thermal, electrical and other industries. Described below under the joint appearance treatment method: 1, with steel needle wheel polishing cloth layer appearance and transition zone into the rough shape. Note: the intent of the polishing is to wipe out the pollution appearance, activity and roughness to add rubber and cloth appearance. Keep cloth cover on the adhesive joint with high temperature adhesive tape bonding strength is good. Grinding attention to don't damage the fabric layer. 2, in good polishing cloth layer and datum line transition surface besmear brushs mucilage. 3, two times brushing mucilage. Mucilage coating, to do more, however, does not leak. The first time to brush glue thickness is about 0. 1 mm, and the second time to brush plasma thickness is about 0. 2mm。 Each brush over the mucilage, must be dry. Dried solvent evaporation all out of the intention is to make the mucilage, dry degree available fingers light viscose surface, suitable for not glue the hand. 4, when the mucilage boring to not glue the hand, for the next steps.
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