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Electrical tape, high voltage tape and black tape the differences of the three kinds of tape

by:Kint      2020-04-06
Electrical tape, high pressure belt with black adhesive tape the three differences differences between different: as an ingredient of PVC electrical tape is pressure-sensitive adhesive evenly on the PVC membrane made of strip products; High pressure since the adhesive tape is made of rubber, oil, calcium powder,,,, the composition such as delay pressure; The black tape is the composition such as cloth, asphalt,,,, rolling. Difference between two different functions: electrical tape temperature resistant generally 80 degrees, high pressure resistance adhesive with high temperature can reach 150 degrees; Black tape is generally used in low temperature environment. Differences in three different colors: electrical tape can be red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, color; High pressure since the adhesive tape and black tape, as long as black! With polyvinylchloride (PVC) as the backing material, then coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. Specifically to the electrical use electrical tape to avoid leakage, insulation effect of the tape. Has good resistant to high voltage, fire and weather resistance and other properties, characteristics, designed for connecting separated electrical wires for electrical insulating and protection purposes. And use black insulation tape will not more than present conditions. It has a certain strength, flexibility, can tightly wrapped in tapping for a long time, affected by time and temperature and dry type fixed, not falling, and flame retardant. Moreover, with black insulation tape wrapped up again after tape to moisture, rust. Has its drawbacks as well as insulating adhesive tape, however, it has good waterproof function but easy to break, so finally to be wrapped in two layers of plastic tape as a protective layer, the insulation of the joint and the joint adhesive with each other is not sticky, function better. Institute of electrical tape using the method, used correctly, to avoid leakage, harm reduction.
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