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Double sided tape quality inspection which includes several aspects, electrical tape, PVC electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-04-19
Double-sided tape quality inspection including several items: 1, to check whether there is burrs double-sided tape reel two-sided tape edge is bright and clean, no damage, is the basis of ensure the quality of the double-sided tape, so, must be carefully check before processing the cutting edge of the drum double-sided tape for burrs, whether the damaged due to improper storage and transportation, and the drum double-sided tape rolls to 4 - Five laps, carefully check the cutting edge. 2, to check whether there is crack on the double sided tape when slitting double-sided adhesive tape, if cutting tool adjustment is not suitable or not enough sharp edge, in the face of the double-sided tape, cracks on the bottom of the paper or paper, pull crack in fiber and adhesive stick. The occurrence of cracks may be continuous, also may be random, may appear in one side of the drum double-sided tape, may also have, on both sides so, double-sided tape, computer processing, be sure to carefully examine the bottom paper and whether there is a small crack on the paper. Then, take a pass the inspection of samples, strip on the bottom paper again check whether there is a crack in a paper and bottom paper below, because crack is sometimes very small, can only be found after separated at the end of paper and paper. 3, check the reel double-sided tape cutting end is straight, the tightness of rewinding is consistent if the drum double-sided tape cutting face not neat, not only affects the alignment of process, but also waste arising from die cutting position change difficulties; The tightness of rewinding when inconsistent will cause printing paper tension changes, uneven tension will cause the same printing quality problems. 4, check whether edge double-sided tape adhesion, whether the bottom paper coated silicon leakage edge double-sided tape adhesion or parts with silicone oil leakage on the bottom paper, will cause the waste in the process of machining surface paper, cannot normal production. So, want to take a long before processing self-adhesive materials about 1 meter, peel away with the hand, take a look at the edge or other parts have not smooth uniform strip away. Usually, glossy paper and bottom paper edge adhesion occurred in a whole roll coating adhesive material cutting volume, and generally only happen in outer 7 meters to 10 meters, so in cutting drum double-sided tape edge have adhesion, don't immediately assert that the whole roll has this problem.
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