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Discuss what is butyl tape, electrical tape, PVC electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-04-11
1, butyl tape materials ChengDing base rubber sealing adhesive belt is made of butyl rubber with polyisobutylene such as main raw materials blending, according to the special production formula, using the latest patented technology, selects the high quality special polymer materials ( Imports) , through special process to produce environmentally friendly solvent free sealing adhesive materials. 2, butyl tape product characteristics 1) Simple operation process 2) Performance: the application of reliable, waterproof bonding, sealing, good low temperature resistance and follow, size stability is good. 3) Stable chemical properties: it has excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. 4) Excellent mechanical properties, high bond strength, tensile strength, elasticity, good extension performance, strong adaptability to deformation and cracking for interface. 3, butyl tape scope of 1) Car assembly in the adhesive sealing process 2) Composite aluminum foil butyl tape is suitable for all kinds of civil roof, color steel, steel structure, waterproofing materials, PC board and other waterproof seal 3) under sunlight Color pressure plate juncture place airtight, waterproof, shock absorption. Sunshine plate juncture place in airtight, waterproof, shock absorption. 4) New construction of the roof waterproof, underground waterproof, structure construction joints of waterproof processing and high polymer waterproofing lap seal. 5) Steel structure construction meet the waterproof seal of place in the processing. 6) Municipal engineering of metro tunnel structure construction joint sealing waterproof processing.
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