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Customization of printing tape

by:Kint      2020-02-25
Product Use: printing tape is a tape of different specifications, different types, different styles and different materials according to different needs of different customers. It is often used for packaging and binding of various cartons, printing tape is more conducive to the company's publicity, is the carrier of corporate image and corporate culture, improve brand awareness, play a certain role in anti-counterfeiting and advertising; It can be used by well-known brands such as international trade sealing, express delivery and logistics, online shopping malls, electrical appliance brands, clothing shoes, lighting lamps, household appliances and furniture. As various enterprise publicity information can be printed on this kind of adhesive tape, therefore, the application field of the market is wider than that of ordinary adhesive tape. Raw material process: the tape consists of two parts: the substrate and the Binder. The printing tape substrate has a polypropylene film (BOPP) Base material, PVC base material, PE base material, PET base material, the base material of common printing tape commonly used in the market is BOPP base material; The adhesives are all certified by international testing, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and have strong viscosity and good tensile strength. Product advantages: first, to achieve different customization needs of customers, can print the company's logo text, patterns, different colors, etc; Second, production equipment: full-automatic five-color printing machine, clear printing without skew, full and rich colors; Third, the factory direct sales, eliminating the intermediate links, is a low-cost, cost-effective tape; Fourth, the printing tape made by a special method has high tensile strength, light weight, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly, and strong viscosity, its overall high temperature resistance, chemical erosion, ultraviolet rays and moisture resistance are strong. Jia Feixiang Adhesive Products Co. , Ltd (0411-39911323) , The Northeast region really does not residue adhesive tape master roll manufacturer (Hot Melt Adhesive tape)! Mainly produces all kinds of tape master, semi-finished tape, foam tape master, masking tape master, cloth tape, paper-based tape. With dozens of patented formulas, it fills the gap in such products in China!
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