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Custom Packing Tape Meet Your Need

Custom Packing Tape Meet Your Need


Packing tapes are used for long to ensure the safety and security of the products packed in a carton during their shipment. These tapes are adhesive tapes used in logistic industry to seal cartons of all types and sizes while shipping them. They are also known as BOPP packing tapes because they are made from Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene because of its wonderful properties and features. One of the important features of polypropylene used in making these tapes is that at a certain temperature it can be reshaped in any size and form and when it is cooled it returns to its solid-state.


What are custom packing tapes?

Custom packing tapes are the modified form of normal packing tapes or BOPP packing tapes. When an ordinary packing tape is printed with a brand name and logo then it becomes a custom tape. In this way, printed packing tape can be used not only to secure the products packed in a carton but also to promote your brand throughout the shipment process of the carton on which it is used. A business can print colors and logos of its brand on these tapes so that it can be recognized easily as well as provide information about your brand to the onlookers. The interesting, fun and cool looks of your packing tape can stand out your brand from your competition immediately and surprisingly.


Availability of packing tapes

BOPP packing tapes are available in different colors and sizes so that you can choose from them as per your requirements. You can choose from 2” and 3” wide tapes in the rolls of 55 yards or 110 yards so that you can use them for packing a number of cartons to promote awareness for your brand. Along with marketing your brand, these packing tapes can also keep people engaged as well as make it easy to identify your package. They can also provide additional security to your carton as well as protects it from theft.


Uses of custom packing tapes

You can use the rolls of your custom packing tapes in many different ways to get the most out of them. Thee personalized packing tapes can be used for celebrating holidays, seasonal campaigns, to distribute special coupons and promoting your new products in the market.

Since the trend of purchasing things online has become popular the use of personalized custom packing tapes has been considerably increased on the deliveries from e-Commerce platforms. It is an amazing experience for everyone when he/she receives the products ordered online in a carton or box packed with a piece of printed packing tape. In this way, packing tape on the carton can provide recognition to the brand as well as make the package look outstanding. These tapes can also provide a personalized message to the customers of your brand about your efforts to satisfy them and make them feel a bit more special than others.                               


Benefits of printed packing tapes

Besides shipping an order, printed packing tape can be more meaningful in many ways like:

· It includes engaging information about the brand which can make the recipient feel a bit more appreciated and special.

· It can give an appealing message to the audience of s brand just by using some creative skills.

· A custom packing tape can help in building trust for your brand as it can generate engagement for your brand by giving a personalized look to each of your orders regardless of the nature of your business, clothing, subscription boxes, health, and beauty of technology.


How to make custom packing tapes more engaging?

BOPP packing tapes can be made engaging by using some creative ideas like:

Use personal information of the customer: On the packaging of your parcel, you can print the name or a personalized message for your valued customers.

Print inspirational message: You can also print some motivational or inspirational message of phrase on your packing tape and change it with every package to make each of your orders look different.

Avoid using the same tape: When you change the personalized message on each package to be delivered to the same customer then it will be noticed more effectively by the customer.


In this way, custom packing tape can meet your needs by promoting your brand in many ways.


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