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Classification of adhesive tape

by:Kint      2020-01-30
1. Adhesive tape can be divided into high temperature adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, insulating adhesive tape and special masking paper according to its efficacy- Pressure sensitive masking paper, die-cutting tape, anti-static tape, anti-static warning tape, different functions are suitable for different industry needs. 2, according to the substrate division can be divided into: BOPP tape, cloth tape, Kraft paper tape, masking tape, fiber tape, PVC tape, PE foam tape, etc. 3. According to the application scope, it can be divided into: warning beauty tape, carpet beauty tape, electrical tape, protective film tape, winding tape, sealing tape, die-cutting tape, etc. 4, according to the market penetration rate can be divided into: ordinary tape, special tape. 5, according to the application environment temperature can be divided into: low temperature tape, normal temperature tape, high temperature tape. Jia Feixiang Adhesive Products Co. , Ltd (0411-39911323) , The Northeast region really does not residue adhesive tape master roll manufacturer (Hot Melt Adhesive tape)! Mainly produces all kinds of tape master, semi-finished tape, foam tape master, masking tape master, cloth tape, paper-based tape. With dozens of patented formulas, it fills the gap in such products in China!
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