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Brief specification and classification of adhesive tape, electrical tape, electrical insulation tape

by:Kint      2020-03-17
1. 1) tape specifications Slit Roll small volume ( Finished product volume) The general products on the market. 2) The Log Roll large volume products after the mother Roll of rewinding, range of length and width of the same in accordance with the requirements, General is 100 meters, 50 meters, 25 meters, 10 meters, 5 meters) 。 3) Mother Jumbo Roll down Roll of the machine is a prototype tape, width of 1 m to 1. 5 meters, the length from a few hundred meters to thousands of meters, depending on the different substrate. 2. Tape classification 1) According to the division base material: can be divided into the BOPP tape, duct tape, textured paper tape, fiber tape, PVC tape, kraft paper tape, PE foam tape, etc. 2) According to paste into three: single-sided adhesive tape and double sided tape. 3) According to the division market penetration: can be divided into ordinary tape, special tape. 4) Division: according to the scope of the application can be divided into the warning tape, carpet tape, protective film paper glue, wrap film tape, electrical tape, packing tape, modules, tape, etc. 5) According to the application environment temperature classification: can be divided into low temperature tape, tape, high temperature tape at room temperature. Detailed classification, please pay close attention to Jin Hong packaging this site to check the late industry information sharing!
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