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Basic structure of adhesive tape

by:Kint      2020-01-29
Our common transparent adhesive tape refers to pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, that is, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, which is subjected to a certain pressure (Press by hand or pressurize by other means) , It can be bonded to the surface of other objects, the tape can be divided into three basic categories according to the structure :(I) Single-sided adhesive tape, that is, adhesive tape coated on only one side. Its basic structure is :(II) Double-sided adhesive tape, that is, adhesive tape coated with adhesive layers on both sides. Its basic structure is :(III) Non-base tape, that is, tape without base material, is only composed of release paper directly coated with adhesive. The term explains release coating: a layer of coating attached to the outer layer of the substrate of single-sided adhesive. The main purpose is to ensure that the adhesive tape can be stably unrolled during use, and the problem that the adhesive layer of the previous circle of the adhesive tape sticks to the surface of the next circle does not occur. Substrate: a thin layer of material, adhesive (Glue)Will be applied to its surface. There are many types of substrates, such as paper, plastic film, foam, non-woven fabric, fabric, aluminum foil, etc. Substrate surface treatment: mainly through technical means to treat the substrate surface, increase the adhesive force between the adhesive layer and the substrate surface. Common technical means include primer treatment (Coat the surface of the substrate with a layer of polymer)And Corona or plasma treatment, etc. The surface treatment of the substrate is crucial to whether the adhesive tape can be removed without leaving residual adhesive. Adhesive: Commonly known as glue, is the core of adhesive tape. The types of adhesives mainly include natural rubber, synthetic rubber, Acrylate, etc. Special types of adhesives are seldom used, such as silica gel and EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl acetate)Wait. According to different surface materials and application requirements, it is necessary to select adhesive tape containing specific adhesive. Release paper: it is the outer part of double-sided adhesive tape. Its main purpose is to protect the adhesive and prevent the adhesive from accidentally sticking to the object in contact or other parts of the adhesive tape. When using double-sided adhesive tape and non-base adhesive tape, release paper needs to be peeled off to expose the adhesive layer to realize double-sided bonding. The above is the basic structure of the tape summarized by the pvc pipe tape manufacturer.
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