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Application of PVC electrical tape in daily life

by:Kint      2020-01-13
The scientific name of Guangzhou PVC electrical tape is PVC electrical insulation tape, which is usually referred to as electrical insulation tape or insulation tape in the industry, also known as PVC electrical tape. It is usually made of polyvinyl chloride film as the base material and coated with a layer of rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. Polyvinyl chloride film (PVC film) It has the characteristics of electrical insulation, flame retardancy, weather resistance, etc. Rubber pressure sensitive adhesive has initial adhesion and bonding strength, is suitable for insulation winding of various wires and cables, and can provide mechanical protection, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance, etc. Foreign Power International provides Sumitomo's phenolic resin PR- 12603 when used in rubber pressure sensitive adhesive, the temperature resistance of the product and the cohesion of the product can be improved, and the temperature resistance can reach-40 ° C-300 ℃. According to requirements, electrical tape has red, yellow, blue, white, green, black, purple, orange and other colors, and can be used for insulation and phase color identification in various occasions. According to the difference of product performance, PVC electrical tape manufacturers think that it can be divided into excellent type and universal type electrical tape; According to the color of the product, it can be divided into ordinary black and color electrical tape. pvc electrical tape is mainly used: 1. It is used for the main insulation of all wire and cable joints with voltage levels below 600V and 105 ℃. 2. Used for electrical insulation of busbars with voltage level below 600V and sheath protection of high-voltage and low-voltage cables. 3. Joint protection and repair of sheath for high voltage cable. 4. Used to tie wires and cables. The aluminum foil adhesive tape is made of high-purity aluminum foil as the base material and then coated with environment-friendly conductive adhesive or non-conductive adhesive. The product has good conductivity and can be rolled and punched to facilitate operation. It is mainly applied to electromagnetic shielding and antistatic. The conductive aluminum foil is placed on the substrate surface and combined with a metal substrate. It has excellent conductivity and provides electromagnetic shielding effect. The products are used in places where electromagnetic shielding is needed in various electronic products such as PDA, PDP, LCD display, notebook computer, copier, etc. Aluminum foil tape can be divided into single aluminum foil and double aluminum foil. Conventional thicknesses are 18U, 25U, 35U, 50U, 65U, 80U, 100U, etc. Price of PVC electrical tape Guangzhou ruidetai Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2006 and is the largest production base of PVC tape in Guangzhou. The company's main products are PVC electrical tape, PVC electrical insulation tape, PVC cold-resistant electrical tape, PVC extremely sticky electrical tape, PVC flame retardant electrical tape, automotive wiring harness tape, warning tape, pipe tape, high pressure self-adhesive tape, waterproof tape, audio shoe material protective film, easy to tear (Knife-free)Tape, PVC protective tape, etc. The company adhering to' Resolutely improve user satisfaction and win the continuous trust of customers' Of management concept in production process in'Strong adhesion is the last word' For the technical concept, strict implementation of ISO9001 international quality standard system, high-quality products and services have won strong recognition and trust from customers.
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