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All You Need To Know Regarding BOPP Packaging Tapes

All You Need To Know Regarding BOPP Packaging Tapes


Packing goods for transport is a common practice. There are various ways of packaging items that are often used — for example, vacuum packaging, crates, and pallets, and preservation packaging. While packaging various kinds of items, it is fundamental to ensure that they are well sealed. Formidable sealing will help protect the goods from loss or damage. Therefore, Bopp packing tape is a significant item that should be used in the sealing process. These tapes are suitable for sealing cartons that contain bulky goods. Besides, Bopp packing tapes are utilized in the processes of inventory management and shipping. This is because these tapes are made using premium materials that are good for sealing.


Materials and Adhesives Used To Make BOPP Packing Tapes


BOPP is an acronym that stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. Since polypropylene is a type of thermoplastic polymers, it gives the tape considerable flexibility. As such, the Bopp packing tape can work effectively in both warm and cold temperatures. Furthermore, these particular tapes are made using a particular type of adhesive that is coated with acrylic. These are the properties that make the packing tapes able to seal both heavy-duty and medium-sized packages formidably. Also, several types of adhesives are used to make these tapes. For example, acrylic and synthetic rubber that is hot-melt are common adhesives used.


The adhesives that are mostly preferred are the ones that are hot-melt. This is because these particular adhesives are reliable and consistent with a fast sealing property. Besides, these adhesives have a good bonding capability on different surfaces, thus ensuring that the respective package is well sealed. Equally important adhesives are the ones that contain acrylic. Acrylic adhesives don’t have the quick bonding of hot-melt adhesives. They achieve maximum bonding, strength, and adhesion after 24 hours. However, these Bopp packing tapes have certain unique features, for example, long term resistance and UV rays, and heat resistance.


Other common types of adhesives are those made using natural rubber. The tapes made from natural rubber adhesives are quite similar to hot-melt synthetic rubber. However, they contain a better hold property, can work on heavy packages under different temperatures and can stick to dusty surfaces. Also, silicone adhesives are commonly used. These are also good because they can be easily removed without leaving marks or residue on the package. Furthermore, Bopp packing tapes made from silicone adhesives can function well when exposed to intense temperatures.


Types of Bopp Packing Tapes

There are several types of Bopp packing tapes that are commonly used. For example, colored Bopp tapes, Flipkart branded Bopp tapes and plain Bopp tapes. It is also quite essential to note that the transparent tapes are commonly used for sealing and shipping while the colored tapes are used for inventory management and logistics.


Coloured BOPP Tapes

These are the Bopp packing tapes that contain several colors, for example, red, black, green, e.t.c. They are superior quality tapes that are good for sealing cartons. These colored tapes are made using useful adhesives that make them formidable for sealing packages. Besides, these colored tapes are used lamination, reinforcement, bundling, and label protection. These particular tapes are also suitable for printing a company logo, name, or identification, thus making them more appealing.


Brown and Transparent BOPP Tapes

There are Bopp packing tapes that are brown and transparent. They are made using the best adhesives, thus ensuring maximum bonding on the package. These brown and transparent tapes are much better when used to package lightweight products. Furthermore, they can be used for bundling, reinforcement, and lamination.


BOPP Low Noise Tapes

These Bopp packing tapes are quite perfect to use in a working environment where there should be minimal noise. These particular tapes are famous because they provide effective bonding and adhesion. They are also useful for sealing shipments for long distances. Low noise BOPP tapes are also available in various colors, for example, brown and transparent. They are also good to use in high temperatures. The materials used to make these tapes are also eco-friendly, thus making them a perfect choice.


BOPP Printed Tapes

There are several types of printed Bopp tapes that are used for several purposes. These printed tapes are customized in certain styles and designs to ensure customer satisfaction. Printed Bopp packing tapes also come in different colors and sizes. Printed Bopp tapes are useful because they can be used for various purposes. For example, label protection, lamination, reinforcement, and carton sealing. Furthermore, these tapes can be branded with the company’s logo or name, thus enhancing identification and appeal.


Advantages of BOPP Packing Tapes

There are several benefits of using Bopp packing tapes. These benefits are good and user-friendly, thus making Bopp tapes ideal for packaging, inventory management, and shipping.


Heat, UV rays, and Moisture Resistant

Bopp packing tapes are made using materials and adhesives that ensure that they are formidably resistant to intense heat, UV rays, and environments where there is a lot of moisture. These properties make them ideal for sealing fragile goods for a long time.


Wrinkle and Shrink Proof

It is quite fundamental for a Bopp tape to be resistant to wrinkling and shrinking. If Bopp tape wrinkles or shrinks, then it will not seal a package formidably. The materials used to make Bopp packing tapes are resistant to wrinkling and shrinking thus can be used to seal packages for an extended period.


Resistant to high temperature

The adhesives used to make Bopp packing tapes are quite resistant to various changes in temperature. For example, they are resistant to extremely low or high temperatures. This unique feature makes the Bopp tapes ideal to use in different kinds of environments that have different climatic conditions.


Recyclable and Non-toxic

Bopp packing tapes are manufactured using materials that are not harmful to humans. The adhesives used don’t contain toxic substances that can adversely affect a person’s health. Also, the materials can be recycled and are thus friendly to the environment.


While planning to move goods from one place to another, it is essential to ensure that they are well-sealed and protected. Bopp packing tapes are suitable for sealing the cartons, thus ensuring that the items are safe. There are many types of Bopp tapes that one can choose according to his/her preference. Therefore, to protect your products or shipments, ensure that you seal them with these tapes.


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