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Adhesive tape industry five trends in the future

by:Kint      2020-04-12
Future trend of the adhesive tape industry's five main bonding with enterprises in our country still is to rely on exports, most of the adhesive tape business is to rely on export-led market, domestic adhesive tape factory operating rate has decreased, the corresponding orders also fell, while adhesive enterprises affected is not very big. And our domestic adhesive tape downstream users, such as medical, electronics, and real estate industry is relying on import, the adhesive tape is used for medical use of adhesive tape over 90% relying on import, electronic use adhesive tape is more than 60% on imports, as a result, the personage inside course of study thought, its huge adhesive tape to carry out the space. Adhesive association secretary-general Yang Xu told reporters that in 2011 China's adhesive tape production 14. 8 billion square meters, production growth 8. 8%, sales of 295. 300 million yuan, the sales growth of 9. 4%. And in the next few years, domestic adhesive tape market space is very large, meantime, general-purpose products ( Such as BOPP adhesive tape, PVC electrical tape) Annual growth rate is estimated to be 4% ~ 5%, special adhesive tape with high performance, high temperature resistant adhesive tape, protective film tape and PET adhesive tape and so on one batch of high and new technical products annual growth rate is estimated to be 7% ~ 8%. Medical and health, electrical and electronic industries for adhesive tape product features and functions of higher requirements to promote in-depth development domestic adhesive tape industry. Adhesive tape businesses now are very bullish on pressure sensitive adhesive tape and hot melt adhesive mall, some article test and consumables used in the medical industry is inseparable from the pressure sensitive adhesive tape, and adhesive materials used in the electronics industry, are mainly in terms of double-sided tape, sponge rubber, glass, rubber, fiber tape, etc. Based on analysis of domestic adhesive tape market has yet to be developed in our country, and to carry out the space is large, adhesive tape enterprises to pay more attention to the downstream demand products, ready to compete for next year's profits double adhesive tape store. But the future is the Internet s packaging industry will develop quickly, people on packing, cosmetic requirements will be higher, so I is due to the adhesive tape and packaging industry. 1, traditional style to regain vitality of old style packaging not only plays an important character in the tide, and pass a strong feeling to the person. Is based on this, many brands and products can be easier to get the customer's eye, knowing oneself can be trusted by the masses, and the packaging is happen to be able to pass the key information. 2, start packing prevailed currently, characteristic packaging has become one of the effective tools of business to attract customers to brand. Brand vendors are beginning and communication through the network media influence, in order to improve the enterprise customer understanding of the word 'private custom' more thoroughly than before. Such as popular in the United States in personal heinz ketchup popular name for the label, the reason is that you can use it as a gift for your friends and loved ones. Creative skills at the same time, makes the product more rich, the cost is low, the characteristics of the packing up is a good expression to the packaging industry alive. 3, packing packaging is mainly in order to be able to obtain business success, brand developers need to understand the potential demand of the customer. After product packaging can also complete to assist customers in the case of don't know how much dosage distinguish detailed quantitative, all product packaging that makes it increasingly 'express'. About 4, creative packaging popular brands, a good packaging, after all, intention is to win customers the first time in the supermarket shelves, promote them, after all, the choose and buy, the so-called 'love at first sight'. In order to reach this intention, brand dealers in advertising must convey the product's uniqueness. Similarly, some liquor brands choose to adopt the old planning concept, reliable signals for the customer loyalty, concise and clean, etc are all brands want to pass to the customer's important information. 5, move forward, is now, skills innovation in packaging industry has a huge driving force. We all should be how to apply these skills to detailed packing? Natural simple plan, rich in the concept of green environmental protection packing will always win the customer's affirmation, focusing on functional packaging will enable customers to achieve surprise.
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