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About what are the characteristics of electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-04-24
About electrical tape electrical performance: what are the characteristics of voltage grade: 600 v and below dielectric strength: & gt; 39. 37 kv /毫米( 1000v/mil) Insulation resistance: & gt; Level of 1012 ohms temperature: 80 ℃ ( 176℉℉) 5 mils (thickness: 0. 13mm) Maximum tensile rate: 150% fracture strength: 14 LBS/in viscosity of the steel plate: 18 oz. / in the base viscosity: 18 oz. / in method of use: use, wrapped in half overlapping way, to make winding and even and neat, should be enough to pull. On and type connector, tape should be outside on the end of a wire winding and then back to leave a rubber mat, in case the chisel to wear. In winding and finally a layer of, can't stretch, in case of Victoria. Storage: in under the condition of normal temperature, ventilation, electrician adhesive performance stability.
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