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About PVC electrical tape, you should know these

by:Kint      2020-02-27
Although insulating tape is not often seen in life, its role can not be underestimated, the final disclosure of the Samsung Note7 explosion accident, which was raging some time ago, showed that some batteries did not use insulating tape and caused a big disaster, it is even more essential in the decoration of new houses or circuit renovation at home. Today we will talk about those things about electrical tape. The common three kinds of insulating tape, insulating black tape, were mostly used in the early stage, which is generally directly called black tape. It uses cotton cloth as the base material, has good insulation and winding property, and is very cheap, but it is neither flame retardant nor waterproof, and has now been phased out. PVC electrical tape PVC electrical tape is currently widely used, it is based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) The film is a base material and is made by evenly coating pressure-sensitive adhesive on PVC film. It has good insulation and withstand voltage below 600 V, flame retardant, weather resistance and other characteristics. The color of PVC electrical tape is not monotonous at all. It is available in red, blue, green, white, black and yellow. The high-pressure rubber self-adhesive tape also has a high-pressure rubber self-adhesive tape, which is made of rubber, oil and calcium powder. It can withstand high temperatures of 150 degrees and has better ductility than PVC electrical insulation tape, however, the strength is not as good as PVC electrical insulation tape, which needs to be used together with PVC electrical tape. The above three kinds of adhesive tapes are commonly used as PVC electrical insulation adhesive tapes. At present, this kind of adhesive tapes are mainly sold on the market. Due to the safety of electricity consumption, it is naturally not possible to care about it when purchasing, how can I buy PVC electrical tape that I can use with confidence? Precautions for purchasing PVC electrical insulation tape pay attention to the appearance of the tape. Mainly to see if there are burrs, the section should be flat, can not overflow glue or glue. There are differences in insulation performance. Although PVC electrical tapes have insulation characteristics, different manufacturing processes will lead to different insulation properties. For example, a lot of fillers are added to the PVC substrate, and the anti-whitening phenomenon is obvious after use. At this time, its insulation performance has decreased a lot. We took the bull electrical insulation tape for a simple verification. After the force was doubled, there was no obvious whitening. It can be seen that the materials are still very solid. · Lead-free to rest assured. Lead in PVC products is a frequently mentioned problem. You can choose lead-free electrical insulation tape such as bull and 3 M, which is environmentally friendly and lead-free, and is safe to use. Later, when purchasing PVC electrical insulation tape, you should not covet cheap price. Try to buy big brand products such as bull through regular channels. The performance is stable, so the service life is long and the maintenance cost is low, moreover, lead-free is more environmentally friendly and safe.
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