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About PVC electrical tape should know this

by:Kint      2020-04-25
About PVC electrical tape should understand these insulating tape while don't often see in our daily life, but it can not underestimate, the effect of some time ago to fix a samsung Note7 blasting disturbance all published results showed that part of the cell without using the insulating tape into serious trouble, while new home decoration in the home or circuit transformation it is will not less, today let's talk about PVC electrical tape. Insulation is the early stage of the black tape use more insulated black tape, commonly called the black tape directly, it with cotton cloth as the backing material, insulation and surrounding sex good, the price is very cheap, but I did not waterproof, it is neither flame retardant has been phased out now. PVC electrical tape PVC electrical tape is most widely used now, it with polyvinyl chloride ( ) Film as the backing material, made of pressure-sensitive adhesive evenly coated on the film, has good resistant to high voltage under 600 v, flame retardant, weather resistance and other properties. The color of PVC electrical tape is not monotonous, there are red, blue, green, white, black, yellow and so on multi-color optional. High-pressure rubber adhesive tape and a high pressure rubber adhesive belt, it is made up of rubber, oil, calcium powder delay pressure, maximum resistance to the high temperature of 150 degrees, ductility than electrical insulation tape is better, but the intensity of electrical insulating tape, the need for cooperation and PVC electrical tape. Above three kinds of tape is the most commonly used electrical insulation tape, now on the market sell first is this, because involves the safe use of electricity, natural cannot careless when the choose and buy, how ability buy centering use PVC electrical tape? Considerations of the electrical insulation tape of choose and buy, pay attention to the appearance of the tape. First look have burrs, section should level off, not glue or seep. There are differences between the insulation function. Although PVC electrical tape has the properties of the insulation, but the insulation of the craft that can lead to their different functions are different. To add many filling material, such as the substrate in stretch after using reverse phenomenon is very significant, then it's now down many insulation function. Let's take the bull a brief verification of electrical insulating tape, hard after a long times, and did not show significant reverse condition, can see the material is very thick. , lead free with the centering. Products containing lead is a problem that often mentioned, be able to select the bulls, 3 m, such as lead-free electrical insulating tape, lead-free environmental protection, safety centering. In the end, when buying electrical insulating tape can't covet is cheap, formal channels such as the bulls as far as possible big brand products, stable function, use fixed number of year long, so to protect the cost is low, and lead more environmentally safe.
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