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A comprehensive introduction aluminum foil tape, electrical tape, PVC electrical tape Jin Hong packaging materials

by:Kint      2020-03-13
Aluminum foil tape, USES the high quality pressure sensitive adhesive, good viscosity, adhesion, anti-aging effect and so on! Heat preservation performance is greatly increased, the specification are ( 0. 05mm - 0. 08mm) All kinds of width and length. Aluminum foil tape with all the seams of the aluminum foil composite paste, the seal and insulation nails puncture wounds repair. Refrigerators, freezers factory is the main raw material, also heat preservation material distribution department will purchase raw materials. This product is widely used in refrigerators, air conditioning, hotel, car, electronics, petrochemical, Bridges and other industries. The purpose of the aluminum foil tape can be used in PDA, PDP, LCD monitors, notebook computers, copiers and other electronic products, domestic demand of electromagnetic shielding. Used in steam pipe outside the package, to prevent temperature to be lost. Not conductive copper foil tape purpose and description: instead of enameled wire, all kinds of transformer shielding. Aluminum foil tape product purity is higher than 99. 95%, its function to eliminate electromagnetic ( EMI) Interference, isolation of electromagnetic wave to human body harm, avoid don't need the voltage and current and influence function. In addition, for the ground after the electrostatic discharge has a good effect. Material for multiple ester fiber in the repeated use or many times is not easy to happen after bending cracks and damage. Paste, conductive good performance strong, easily wrapped nicely on the wire, can cut into various specifications according to customer requirements. Aluminum foil tape industry advantage coated carbon foil in lithium battery application advantage 1. To improve the consistency, increase the battery cycle life; 2. Lower the battery internal resistance, and decrease the circulation process of dynamic resistance increase; 3. Protect collection of fluid from the electrolyte corrosion; 4. Improve the adhesion of and active materials, reduce the pole piece manufacturing cost; 5. Inhibit cell polarization, reduce the heating effect and improve the rate performance; 6. To improve the lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate materials processing performance. Double coating thickness: paragraphs B 2 ~ 3 microns, A 4 ~ 6 microns conductive coating, is the use of functional coatings for surface treatment of battery conductive substrate is A breakthrough of technical innovation, coated carbon foil/copper foil is to spread good nano conductive graphite and carbon coated particles, fine and uniform coating on aluminum foil/copper foil. Static electrical conductivity, it can provide an excellent collection of active material micro electric current, which can greatly reduce the positive/negative material and collector, the contact resistance between the and can improve the adhesive ability between the two, can reduce the use amount of binder, which creates an significantly improve the overall performance of the battery.
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